Customer Day 2016



    We thank our customers for joining our customer day themed “Opening of the WS Academy”. Please have a look on a brief review of the event.

    Customer Day 2016

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    Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH

    Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH (WWG) is a full-line supplier of turnouts and related components, offering products and services across the entire turnout life cycle.

    We are specialists in the manufacture of turnouts, components, insulated joints and buffer stops for standard gauge and industrial railways.
    Under its WS Logistik brand, WWG is one of Europe’s market leaders in turnout logistics and operates a fleet of 19 tilt wagons (WTM). In 2012 WWG became a true full-service supplier by opening the most modern wooden sleeper drilling shop in Europe.

    Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH

    We also offer a wide range of turnout services.

    Our trackwork supplies business offers more than 2,000 permanent way products, all produced by WWG.


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    Franz Falterspichler

    Franz Falterspichler

    Sales Manager

    T: +43/50304/28 88-42

    F: +43/50304/68 88-42

    M: +43/664/88 32 01 26

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    Helmut Kopetsch


    T: +43/50304/28 88-16

    F: +43/50304/68 88-16

    M: +43/664/615 86 71

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