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Surveying and Alignment Planning

By involving our turnout experts at the surveying and planning stage, we are able to create significant advantages for our customers. As a market-leading specialist in railway solutions, we can guarantee tailored, optimized alignments and ensure the best possible turnout solutions for our customers. To this end, we optimize track and turnout geometries as well as sleeper sections, ensure the best possible arrangement of insulated joints and reduce welded joints. This has a positive effect on the overall quality and cost of the system. To meet the high standards of our customers in terms of production and quality, we employ state-of-the-art technical equipment.
The reduction of interfaces effectively reduces sources of error in communication and data transmission, while at the same time demonstrably increasing accuracy. The elimination of adjustment work dramatically reduces turnout installation costs. This reduces the amount of time required for the task, demonstrating the importance of having this upstream service performed by a turnout specialist.