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Turnout and Rail Logistics

Under the brand WS Logistik, WWG offers completely pre-assembled turnouts in all geometries, including logistics development and delivery with special tilt wagons. WS Logistik has its own turnout transport fleet of 19 turnout transport wagons (WTW, WTM).


  • higher quality
  • higher track availability
  • fewer operational hindrances
  • just-in-time delivery

This results in greater benefits to the customer because down times are reduced to a minimum. Valuable slots for network operators are not reduced because of maintenance work on the track, which increases traffic density and profits for infrastructure companies.

The integration of all security-related components is done in the factory, which improves the overall quality of the installation. As a result, the turnouts remain operational much longer, and life cycle costs are reduced. Through the integration of insulated joints, fewer quality-reducing welded joints are needed, resulting in optimization of quality and yield for network operators.

WWG specializes in the logistical processing, delivery and unloading of tracks with lengths greater than 60 m.
The tracks are removed on site using the specially designed "Railputler" system, which is both efficient and finely tuned, in order to avoid damages to tracks that sometimes arise with conventional unloading processes.
Rail logistics work is carried out in collaboration with voestalpine Schienen GmbH, Donawitz.